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27 Oktober 2012

Teruja ke PPAS!

Hai Assalamualaikum.
3days ago , i went to shah alam with zaz! At the first , we just plan to went PKNS  cuz i need doing something at there.
fortuitously, i need to pick up my sister at kusess around 3 pm .! so , for waste the time we decided to find PPAS! hewhew...
HAHA. i used gps babe !
When , she's told me in front of club golf.!!Lol, i'm already know the location.
Let's spend a bit time for  my display pictures.!
maybe ,some of picture are not important for u but its value to me as pre-information provider. hikhik.
Oke, guys. how about my english ?
is not good yet ? nevermind.
 i'm excitedly to wrote in english because i meet a kids born cant speak english , whereas his parents are cant speak in english very well ! same goes me. but , i still can understand english than i can sit and talking with the child.
But, sadly. i've lack of time, untill i'm forget to snap a picture with him.inshaallah, if any sustenance we will meet again.
Opss..!! over right.!!?
lets continue the main about this entry.
Meet my friend;Zaz
graduate Diploma in Investment ,UiTM Johor.

Viewer from top level of library

I snap this picture from 2nd level of this library.

If u feel so cold in the library u can take a breath to get relaxing with a nature view.

u pustaka. dont asking me about it because i dont interview yet!
i thought , its for ILL(Inter-library loan) book. maybe.!
Egg chair! hukhuk.. i still can sit on it!!
slim~ hahaha


The vision

Meet zaz again!

Studio children. They making activity for kids at here.
-G level is relaxing level-

Lets, who want follow me for next place ?

The pointer of feedback from users 3.05.!
I'm excitedly visit PPAS because of XDtheater but i'm not lucky :(
My suggestion is , the XDtheater is need to open everytime ,no break time because its have fee for use the extension service.

This place are more quitely 
Surau at every level

And lastly, i'm attract with this word because this is the way , how i gain the knowledge.

Many services that provides by PPAS such gym and space room.
I am fallin love with PPAS.!
how about you?
when you want to visit and use the extension services at international level?
Welcome to second home.

I wish , i will work at there ~

Sorry , if i'm mistaken use english word. 
I admit that i cant use english very well but i still can understand when people speak in english with me :D

I think you are also can understand this entry! hee~


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